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Why I want my CoTV™
The user benefits of coordinated TV + Web

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The core value of CoTV is that Web content that supplements the user's TV (or other video) experience is automatically located and made available on the user's PC/phone (by the CoTV portal) -- without need for the user to navigate the Web to try to find it.
  • Users will find that valuable, natural, and easy, and it will increase how extensively they multitask TV with the Web.
  • The evidence users will recognize that value is that masses of users are already making such TV-Web connections on their own, even though they now must do this context-matching with only their own head -- CoTV will provide a power assist to greatly facilitate that


Easy access to a wealth of relevant enhancement content.   (Much of this content already exists on the Web, but viewers must work to find it.  Additional content can be created specifically for coactive use, by program producers and others, and new kinds of user-generated content related to TV/video viewing become easy to create).

  • Movies/Series: cast, credits, filmography, reviews/criticism, scripts, fan sites, DVD extras - purchase DVDs, etc.
  • Sports: scores, stats, players, replays, other views/camera angles, other games/action alerts (like NFL Sunday Ticket), fantasy - purchase tickets, sporting goods, memorabilia
  • News/Documentaries: replays, text, tickers, charts/stats, deeper info, sidebars, background, related stories/videos - purchase related books, video, etc.
  • Games: play along, compete with others - premium fee services, game products
  • Music: artist, title, lyrics, extras, discography, fan sites - purchase CD, concert info/tickets
  • Kids/education: games, feedback/participation, deeper info - purchase books, products
  • Social Web: tweets, chat, postings - automatically tied to a current program and to other viewers of that program

Direct response to TV ads and powerful shopping support and transaction services

  • Advertiser offers, details, demos, comparison guides, locators, product reviews/ratings, self-service, select/configure, purchase - with ongoing user-control of the degree of intrusion
  • Third-party offers and independent shopping guides

Advanced TV viewing support and "Media Concierge" services

  • Power program guides (preferably based on smart-client intelligence): high-resolution, rapid-scroll grids, program details, super navigation, discovery, and searching, massive VOD content catalogs (for EOD, "Everything-On-Demand"), personalized filters/genres, recommendations (with private, local profile) - plus related e-commerce/ads.
  • VOD library search and order placement: Web based search, filtering, alerting, orders
  • The Web-as-program-guide: reviews, blogs, chat, zines, fan sites (from the entire Web; just click to view)
  • Services that span all a user's content sources.

User interface

Automatic direct-access linkage

  • All automatically at hand for currently viewed programs and ads
  • All fully hyperlinked and surf-able
  • Optional push of program-synchronous (time-based) enhancements
  • Direct response transaction processing and messaging, with full standard Web CRM support
  • Support for both scheduled and on-demand programs
  • All linked to associated chat/forums/blogs/etc.

The right tool for the job, without interference (TV and/or PC/Web)

  • Two-screens - for a dual, "lean back" + "lean forward" user interface ("10' + 2' UI")
  • No obstruction of TV screens with obtrusive overlays or shrunken pictures
  • Web content via a full Web browser on a high-resolution, interaction-friendly PC -- or on a convenient netbook, music player, game, or phone display
  • Access to the full content and transactional power of the open Web - all fully aware of TV-context
  • Wireless laptops, netbooks, tablets, phones, and other portable screens increasingly at hand in the home as ideal second-screen devices
  • Increasing prevalence and comfort with media multitasking
  • Optional "link-and-pause" retention of links and/or use of DVR pause, for selective focus on either TV or Web while holding a place in the other
  • Rich options for deep personalization under private control within the viewer's PC/phone (or by trusted infomediaries)

Coactive TV 
User-centered Convergence 2.0

new media technology from   Teleshuttle Corporation
CoTV Today and Tomorrow
CoTV was ahead of its time in 2002 ...and still is
Now TV "screen-shifting" and "companion" apps are now changing how people watch TV.
  • iPhone and iPad awakened the giants -- as an irresistible platform for coactive TV apps.
  • AirPlay and Chromecast have made screen-shifting easy and popular
  • Social TV apps (about what you are watching now) are drawing users.
  • Distributors are promoting 2nd screen apps and increasing openness.
  • Independents are using ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) to do it for themselves.
  • Twitter Ad Targeting and Comcast See It are bringing rich new functions to a mass market

The time is ripe for ubiquitous "always-on" TV sync
-- a single app and context portal for any companion content for any show (and any ad).
TV is ready to be reborn for the 21st Century!
still more advanced CoTV features are yet to come.

...Recent blog postings on CoTV developments

Reisman on User-Centered Media

...Recent postings on CoTV
Tenth Reisman CoTV patent issues 8/19/14.

Usage scenarios for advanced features

CoTV in the news:

Coactivity concept -- initial white papers (from 9/02):



Teleshuttle offers license to CoTV patents.

CoTV technology can be offered by service providers in TV, Internet, e-commerce, and allied fields. Teleshuttle seeks to cooperate with all industry participants to develop and apply these methods to facilitate simultaneous media multitasking, to assist in the development of services, reference designs, and standards, and to license this technology broadly for widespread use.

Richard Reisman -- Bio

Contact Information

Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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Coactive media:  Relating to media multitasking.  The simultaneous or alternating use of two or more media, such as TV and Internet (Web, etc.), especially where the using of the media is synchronized or coordinated typically (but not necessarily) on multiple devices or screens.

Coactive TV:  Relating to multitasking use of both television and the Internet (Web, etc.).  The simultaneous or alternating use of TV and the Internet, especially where the using of both media is coordinated or synchronized, and especially where the TV and the Internet browser are automatically coordinated with one another typically (but not necessarily) on multiple devices or screens.

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