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Richard R. Reisman - Biography

President and founder of Teleshuttle Corporation, Richard Reisman is an innovator and thought leader, advancing powerful interactive tools/media for human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce since long before the Web.

Reisman has been involved with interactivity, hypermedia, and electronic communities since their infancy. He has always been oriented to human empowerment and connectivity -- powerful interactive tools and media for human communication, collaboration, knowledge work, entertainment, and commerce. Reisman has worked in a variety of technology and business roles, including as developer, consultant, and manager, and more recently as entrepreneur and inventor.  He has been developing a number of patent portfolios relating to media and e-business technologies, both directly and through strategic partners, and holds about 50 patents (with more pending) now licensed by over 200 companies to serve billions of users (including licenses for use by nearly every major provider of smartphones and PCs and many major companies in TV/video).

In early 2010 Reisman began development of FairPay, an entirely new architecture for pricing digital content/services. FairPay creates buyer-seller dialogs about value, and develops a buyer reputation based on Internet feedback, to go beyond "freemium," to an adaptive hybrid of free and paid content (described on the HBR Blog).  He is now working on a pro-bono basis with industry and academic partners on research, trials, and applications of FairPay

Reisman's book, FairPay: An Adaptively Win-Win Strategy for Customer Relationships in the Digital Era, is to be published in 2016 by Business Expert Press, in its Service Systems and Innovations in Business and Society collection.

Around 2000, Reisman began development of CoTV, coactive television, a power assist for screen-shifting and the growing trend toward simultaneous, or “coactive,” use of TV and the Web (with fifteen patents now issued).  CoTV creates a powerful new compound medium that combines the full power of both TV and the Web (on multiple screens or "companion" devices, such as TV plus tablets or phones) These patents (now 15) were licensed in 2015 through RPX Corporation to many major companies.  Other areas of independent development and patent filings include "Big Data" applications for usage data and ratings related to products and smart devices (four patents issued), digital media asset and storage management (three patents issued), and The Idea Adoption Agency (communities /marketplaces for collaborative innovation and idea development). 

Reisman's first patent portfolio was developed in partnership with BTG International, a leading technology commercialization and licensing firm, and seven patents in that portfolio were awarded by early 2006.  That led to patent infringement suits against Microsoft and Apple in 2004, and in 2006 these patents were sold for a down payment of $35 million. These patents (now 19) are owned by Intellectual Ventures His second important portfolio of patents relates to search, with seven patents issued in 2005-14. This portfolio was sold in 2009 to RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator.

Teleshuttle develops new media and business technologies and has provided strategic consulting services for media and electronic business. Clients have included Dow Jones, News Corporation/TVGuide, IDD Information Services, and AppliedTheory Communications, as well as key players in intellectual property development.  Reisman founded Teleshuttle in 1994 as an online software/service provider based on one of his inventions. Teleshuttle's most widely known product was the online update service that was integrated with the Blockbuster Video Guide To Movies & Videos CD-ROM to provide updates on newly released films.

Reisman also served during the dot-com boom as founding CTO and Managing Director, Operations and Technology for, an innovative Web-based B2B2C health information service. There, he delivered Web services through syndicated co-brand affiliations with hundreds of Web sites, including CompuServe, Prodigy, Yahoo!, Earthlink, Dr. Koop, iVillage, Snap, iWon, USA Today, Knight-Ridder, Scripps, Phys (Conde-Nast), BeWell (HealthGate), Physicians Online, and through insurance sites, including Harvard Pilgrim and the US Government, managing a staff of 25+ and budget of $5+ million. (details)

In the early '90s, Reisman made technology and entrepreneurial contributions to a variety of online and new media developments.  As co-founder of UNET, he developed the original versions of TV Guide Online (through consumer beta test) in a joint venture with News Corp. At BASELINE (since acquired by The New York Times), he developed pioneering consumer online services, as well as online information services to the film and TV industry.

His earlier work was in large enterprise IT environments, focused on leading-edge development in such areas as interactive systems, online networks, database search, and early forms of cloud computing.  Varied roles in IT and information services included management, consulting, planning, development, and operations.  He directed electronic distribution operations for financial data for McGraw-Hill / Standard and Poor's, and managed strategy, planning, and operations for a very broad variety of major computer and telecom services at Mobil Corporation and AT&T, starting out as a software developer. 

Executive Board member of the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC since 1998 (and Chairman Emeritus of the Program Committee), he has organized numerous symposia (serving as moderator or panelist on many), and co-created and co-leads their popular Think Tank series: The Future of X.

Finalist for the Multi-Media Entrepreneur of 1995 award from the Silicon Alley Initiative, Reisman has spoken widely, written for a variety of trade publications, and was an ACM National Lecturer. He holds an AB from Brown University and an MS from Lehigh University.  



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