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Teleshuttle works as an innovation studio
innovating in media and information technology
developing and commercializing its innovations in collaboration with strategic partners

Areas of current development include:

FairPay - Digital commerce based on customer dialogs about value
a new twist to the invisible hand

  • FairPay is an entirely new architecture for pricing digital content/services in the context of an ongoing relationship.

  • FairPay shifts price setting to buyers and develops a buyer FairPay reputation based on Internet feedback.  This enables sellers to manage a cooperative process that goes beyond "freemium," to a far more efficient and dynamically adaptive hybrid of free and paid offerings. 

  • FairPay makes value-based pricing work for consumers -- and the businesses that serve them.

  • FairPay can be applied to digital content, software and/or services (as well as physical products) in a wide variety of ways.

  • Teleshuttle is talking to potential partners of all sizes about leading the way to this new era in digital commerce.

CoTV™ - linking Web browsing to TV viewing
cross-screen integration of phones, tablets, and TVs.

  • CoTV exploits the fact that many users now watch TV on a large screen, while multitasking on a "companion" device (tablet, phone, or laptop).

  • Just imagine that Google, Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, or any other Web service or app knew what you were watching on TV...It is starting to happen now...
  • CoTV also offers rich multi-screen UI features such as screen-shifting (much like Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast).
  • CoTV makes it easy to work across multiple screens, screen-shifting video, linking browsing and discovery on one device to presentation on a second device.

  • CoTV presents a huge opportunity to enhance the user experience by coordinating access to cross-device content that makes use of both screens.

  • CoTV creates highly profitable cross-device advertising opportunities that link the TV to direct response on the Web – and that makes ads more relevant and useful to consumers.
  • The first four Reisman CoTV patents issued in 2011-13, and five more in 2014.  Additional patents on a wide range of advanced video services are allowed or pending.

Search and the Social Web and Semantic Web
A portfolio of patents relating to search (sold).

  • One patent that issued in 2005, relating to search and the "Semantic Web", plus five patents that issued 2006-2012, relating to search and the “Social Web” or "Social Search"
  • This portfolio was sold on 7/6/09 to RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator.

Internet push distribution and software update
A portfolio of patents relating to Internet push distribution and software update (sold).

  • This technology relates to many Internet push applications, such as content channels, offline browsing, RSS, electronic software distribution (including "app stores"), and webcasting, as well as aspects of "smart-client" Web services, the mobile Web, and e-commerce.
  • The portfolio was licensed to BTG for commercialization it includes seven patents issued in 1997-2004, plus six issued since, and others still pending.
  • BTG's licensing efforts led to patent infringement suits against Microsoft and Apple
  • On 3/31/06, BTG announced the sale of these patent rights for $35 million, plus a share of future profits, and that BTG and Teleshuttle would no longer pursue those suits.  These patents are now controlled by Intellectual Ventures.
  • On 10/6/11 Intellectual Ventures initiated a patent infringement suit against Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Other active developments in such areas as "Big Data," Social Web collaboration, and digital media management are listed on the Patents page.


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Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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