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About Teleshuttle:

Teleshuttle researches and develops the innovations of founder Richard Reisman, in collaboration with partner companies.  These innovations are driven by a user-centered focus on empowering people applying powerful interactive tools and media for communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce.  Teleshuttle has multiple patent portfolios in development, and over 200 companies have licensed one or more of these patents, including licenses for use by nearly every major provider of smartphones and many major companies in TV/video

Much of Teleshuttle's current work is pro-bono, with focus on FairPay.

Areas of activity include:

  • FairPay - An entirely new concept of what a price is and why -- an architecture for efficiently pricing digital content/services in the context of an ongoing relationship. FairPay is based on customer dialogs about value, and develops a buyer reputation based on Internet feedback, to go beyond "freemium," to a far more efficient and dynamically adaptive hybrid of free and paid offerings.  FairPay was presented 12/1/11 at an MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC symposium on "Better Strategies for Monetizing Digital Offerings," and on the HBR Blog on 11/18/13. Teleshuttle is working on a pro-bono basis with industry and academic partners on research, trials, and applications of FairPay, and offers free consultation services.
  • CoTV - Coactive TV provides a rich platform for the growing trend toward multi-screen viewing and simultaneous, or “coactive,” use of TV and the Web CoTV creates a powerful new compound medium that fully maintains the best of both (and works with ordinary TVs and PCs/tablets/phones as companion devices) while riding the trend toward user-centered media multitasking in the wireless, networked home.  Fifteen Reisman CoTV-related patents have issued, with more allowed or pending.  These patents were licensed to RPX Corporation member companies as of 3/10/15.
  • Search and the Social Web and Semantic Web (Sold) - A portfolio including seven patents issued in 2005-2014, with others pending.  Sold 7/6/09 to RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator. 
  • Internet push distribution and software update (Sold) - In the early 1990s, Teleshuttle developed a patent portfolio that was later licensed to BTG International for commercialization.  This portfolio includes nineteen patents awarded in 1997-2014.  BTG's licensing efforts led to patent infringement suits against Microsoft and Apple. On 3/31/06, BTG announced the sale of these patent rights for $35 million, plus a share of future profits, and that BTG and Teleshuttle would no longer pursue those suits.  These patents and continuing license efforts are controlled by Intellectual Ventures.
  • Other patent portfolios in development relate to such areas as
    --Big Data and The Internet of Things -- data exchange for smart, connected products, including usage data and ratings,
    --Digital media storage and asset management, and
    --The Idea Adoption Agency (including advanced methods for collaboration and reputation management).

Consulting clients have included News Corporation/TVGuide, Dow Jones/Telerate, Euro RSCG/MVBMS, HealthScout/RxRemedy, AppliedTheory Communications, and BTG International, as well as Intellectual Ventures, RPX Corporation, and other prominent companies in the Intellectual Property space. (Teleshuttle is not seeking paid consulting work, but does selectively offer consulting on FairPay without fee.)

Teleshuttle was founded by Richard Reisman in 1994 as an innovative online software/service provider. Reisman is an innovator and thought leader, advancing powerful interactive tools/media for human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce since long before the Web. His media experience includes developing and marketing CoTV at Teleshuttle, a senior management role at, leading the design and development of News Corp's original TVGuide Online service through market testing in the early '90s, managing development for Baseline (since acquired by The New York Times), and very early involvements in hypermedia, interactive graphics, and online communities.  Reisman has over 45 patents and many more allowed or pending. See Bio for additional background.

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Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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