The Kagan Interactive TV Summit 2002

The Kagan Interactive TV Summit 2002
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IInteractive TV has become the Holy Grail of broadband entertainment and communications. Difficult to find, but eminently worth waiting for. With cable and satellite providers already rolling out other new services, ITV remains the ultimate killer app.
To help you attain your proper share of this potentially huge market, you should register now for Paul Kagan's 5th INTERACTIVE TV SUMMIT, Oct. 9-10 at the New York Helmsley Hotel.
Find out who is taking the lead in ITV development, and why. Which specific applications of the new medium are most likely to produce revenue and profit first? Learn how broadband competitors will carve up the turf and how consumers will react to marketing campaigns.
Above all, discover why ITV beats strongly in the hearts of media entrepreneurs and engineers, what holds it back and which key drivers are at work to make it win a place in every home.
At the INTERACTIVE TV SUMMIT, hear the industry's leading executives answer the following questions:
  • When and how will ITV roll out in broadband systems?
  • How are ITV software companies changing their business models to adapt to market conditions?
  • Which new players are unveiling strategies to change the status quo?
  • What new technologies are on the horizon?
  • How do patent challenges impact ITV?
  • When will advertisers and agencies fully embrace interactive commercials?
  • How will competing media resolve their differences regarding ITV revenue sharing?
  • Which programs and applications are proving their worth in ITV startups?
Paul Kagan will moderate all the panels at the ITV SUMMIT. He has analyzed the industry since its earliest pioneering days and is well versed in its historic problems and inherent potential. Join him as he engages in animated debate with the executives who hold the keys to open consumer doors to interactivity.
Be at the New York Helmsley Oct. 9-10 to establish your position in this ground-floor industry.



9:15 a.m.—PANEL ONE
PROGRESS & PERFORMANCE:    Tracking Changes in ITV Platforms

Vincent Dureau, CTO, OpenTV
Herve Utheza, VP/Product Strategy & Development, Liberate
Gerard Kunkel, President, WorldGate Communications
Ed Graczyk, Director/Marketing & Communications, Microsoft TV Group
Dalen Harrison, President & CEO, Ensequence
What's the latest experience in ITV software deployment? Which operating platforms will be the bedrock of interactive television? How have the lines blurred between middleware, operating systems and applications? What steps are companies taking to change the status quo? How much new technology and how much more capital will be needed for the ITV breakthrough?

11:15 a.m.—PANEL TWO
BLUEPRINT FOR THE FUTURE:     Broadband Provider Plans

Jean-Pol Zundel, Chief Software Architect, Comcast
Jeff Jay, Dir./Corporate Dev., Charter Communications
Lawrence Brickman, SVP & General Mangager, SourceSuite/Insight Communications
Bryan McGuirk, President/Advertising & Programming Sales, Wink Communications
What are the results of marketing ITV services thus far? What's the prospect for future rollouts? Which of the key drivers will take us to critical mass: technology, distribution, advertising, content? How does ITV compare in potential with its cousins: digital video, high-speed data, telephony, VOD and PVR?

1:45 p.m.—PANEL THREE
SERVERS & SET-TOPS:   Where the ITV Action Is

Bernadette Vernon, Director/Strategic Marketing, Motorola Broadband
Jenifer Cistola, VP/Marketing, Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
David Novak, VP/Marketing, Pace Micro Technology Americas
Mitchell Askenas, VP/Advanced Product Development, ICTV
What's the latest status of set-top box engineering and deployment? What new features will become available and on what schedule and at what cost? What changes have been wrought in storage capacity? How goes the issue of clients & servers in terms of software location?

3:15 p.m.—PANEL FOUR
TECH REPORT:    Setting the Standards

Ben Mendelson, President, Interactive Television Alliance
Art Cohen, SVP/Advertising & E-Commerce, ACTV, Inc.
Rajesh Amin, Director/Business Development, N2 Broadband
Dalen Harrison, President & CEO, Ensequence
Kent Libbey, VP/Marketing, iVAST, Inc.
Richard Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corp./CoTV™
How soon to completion of standard, end-to-end, interoperability for ITV hardware and software? How important is plug-&-play to the distribution of next-generation products? Which companies are leading the path to a common operating platform, and what will it take to get there? What's the prospect for a global standard?

5:00 p.m.—DAY ONE CLOSE


9:15 a.m.—PANEL ONE
GUIDING LIGHT:   The Quest for the Best Navigation

Todd Walker, SVP & General Manager, TV Guide Interactive
Bill McCall, CEO, TVGateway
Peter Kellogg-Smith, VP/Product Marketing, Digeo, Inc.
Alison Green, VP/Bus. Dev., Gist Communications
Katherine Marshall, VP/Marketing, iSurfTV Corporation
Gil Dudkiewicz, Founder & President, MyDTV
How are guide programmers planning to steer viewers through the jungle of digital channels? How important is the hardware to the software? What's the best business model for TV navigation? What is the latest trend in first and second screens, in terms of technology, content and advertising? What do TV set manufacturers want? What role will regulators play? And what do consumers say?

11:15 a.m.—PANEL TWO
MAKING CUSTOMER CONTACT:    The Inevitability of ITV Advertising & Commerce

Jed Meyer, SVP/Interactive Services, Nielsen Media Research
Christopher Gebhardt, Exec. Dir./Emerging Technology & Innovation, Ogilvy & Mather
Kevin M. Liga, CEO, Spot On
Martin Yudkovitz, Exec. VP, NBC & President, NBC Digital Media
Rich Halbert, VP/eCommerce & Advertising, Digeo
Seth Haberman, Founder & President, Visible World
Where ITV operates, how are the numbers? Users, visits, usage, advertiser results? What kind of advertising is working? How does interaction lead to transactions? How do ad agencies view the new medium? What's the forecast for future growth?

1:45 p.m.—PANEL THREE
THE ACTIVE AUDIENCE:   How Content and Brand Promotion Are Changing Viewer Habits

Scott Newnam, President & CEO, GoldPocket Interactive
Carla Sinatra, VP/Bus. Dev., NBC
Rosemary Danon, VP/Interactive Services, Liberty Livewire Corp.
Devin Hosea, Founder & Exec. Chairman, Predictive Networks, Inc.
Glyn Radcliffe-Brine, Commercial Director, Media Logic Systems
Which programs are setting new standards in interactive TV entertainment? What techniques are used to turn passive viewers into active participants? What technologies promise to improve the relationship among programmers, viewers and advertisers? How will ITV change the ratings of networks and stations?

3:15 p.m.—PANEL FOUR
THE ACTIVE AUDIENCE II:   How Interactive Programmers are Changing the Game

Eric Illowsky, President/Development Division, Hollywood Media Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP & General Manager/Disney Internet Group, ABC¹s Enhanced TV
Joan Gillman, President, Static 2358
V. Tyrone Lam, President & COO, Buzztime Entertainment, Inc.
How will ITV change the ratings of networks and stations? Who's playing games with ITV and why? What recent experiences have pushed gaming into the ITV spotlight? How important is the two-screen trend of TV and computer, and how will it evolve as remote controls for on-screen TV develop? How do contests, cash awards and merchandise prizes turn couch potatoes into activated viewers?



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