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e-Business / e-Media / Technology

CoTV™ - Coactive TV
A new way to enable and profit from Interactive TV now

CoTV™ is a primary current focus of Teleshuttle.

Teleshuttle Consulting Services are now primarily directed to development of CoTV™.

The broader services provided in the past are described below.

Consulting Services -- Richard R. Reisman:

Technology guide and align with business strategy

Teleshuttle Consulting Services are now primarily directed to development of CoTV™.

  • Strategic technology assessment / futures
  • e-business opportunity/feasibility analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Proposals, white papers, consensus building
  • Technology due diligence
  • Patent strategy and development

Blazing trails in E-Business, Interactive Media, and IT has always been our specialty.

We can contribute in roles ranging from continuing leadership or participation in your team, to short, discrete projects. An ongoing part-time involvement can supplement your in-house skills.

What we bring:

Principal consultant Richard Reisman brings deep experience in e-business and interactive media as well as enterprise IT and operations -- plus strong management consulting and project coordination skills.

  • Technology assessment - Recognized talent for analyzing new technology directions in a market and business context, and communicating implications to top management.
  • E-business and interactive media - Over twenty years of experience in evolving online, Web, and other media, applied to business and consumer needs. CTO for a major, innovative Web service.
  • Management consulting / project coordination – CTO / Corporate staff / business unit management, internal / external consulting, and entrepreneurial general management roles.
  • Enterprise IT - Technical and management experience in all aspects of IT, in diverse and complex business environments.
  • Patent development – Experience in Internet patent strategy, development, prosecution, and licensing.

Background / About Teleshuttle:

Teleshuttle develops new e-business and e-media technologies and provides broad-range consulting services on technology management and assessment for business, media, and connectivity, serving both B2B and B2C markets.  Clients include Dow Jones/Telerate, News Corporation/TVGuide, HealthScout/RxRemedy, AppliedTheory Communications, Euro RSCG/MVBMS, and BTG International.    Teleshuttle was founded by Richard Reisman in the early 1990s as an innovative online software/service provider and developed a patent portfolio that is licensed to BTG International.   Teleshuttle has multiple Internet/e-business/e-media patent portfolios in development.

President and founder of Teleshuttle Corporation, Richard Reisman is a leader in e-business, interactive media, and information services, with over 20 years experience.   He has been recognized for assessments that combine vision with practicality regarding the development and use of new information technologies.

Reisman served until late 2000 as CTO and Managing Director, Operations and Technology for HealthSCOUT/RxRemedy, an innovative and fast-growing Web-based B2B2C health information service that attracted strategic investment from InfoSpace at a $160 million valuation in mid-2000.  At HealthSCOUT, he delivered Web services via syndicated co-brand affiliations with hundreds of Web sites, including CompuServe, Prodigy, Yahoo!, Earthlink, Dr. Koop, iVillage, Snap, iWon, USA Today, Knight-Ridder, Scripps, Physicians Online, and corporate clients, managing a staff of 25+ and budget of $5+ million.

Previously Reisman directed electronic distribution operations for McGraw-Hill / Standard and Poor's, and managed strategy, planning, and operations for a variety of major computer and telecom services at Mobil Corporation and AT&T, starting as a software developer.  He holds an AB from Brown University and an MS from Lehigh University, and serves on the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC Executive Board.

CoTV™ - Coactive TV
Richard Reisman -- Bio

Resources on E-Business, Connectivity, and Media
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Please contact us to discuss how we might assist in meeting your objectives.

Contact Information

Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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