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From the leading specialist in Distributed Online Media:

Apply powerful online/offline solutions
  • Web sites augmented by content packages distributed on CD-ROM (or DVD)
    • CDs with hot links to the Web
    • CD content updated from the Web
    • Web pages linked to CD caches
  • Offline access for low-cost, automated delivery
    • Online/offline Web access
    • Optional direct-dial connect
Teleshuttle can assist in key design and development tasks:
  • Strategy for local/online content, integration, packaging, and authoring tool/database/search design
  • Support for browser integration, access automation, and caching of Web pages and multimedia on CD-ROM
  • Sourcing for bundled/customized browsers, access managers, search engines, and ISP service packages
  • Selection of online services: the Web, or Proprietary Services, Private BBS or FTP Servers
  • Planning for direct distribution, sponsored access, and back-end services, and virtual private network solutions

(whether based on Teleshuttle software or not)

Draw on Teleshuttle's unique expertise:

Interactive Media - Electronic Commerce - Intranets

Teleshuttle also offers consulting services on broader aspects of new media - business, technology, projects, and infrastructures - drawing on our extensive enterprise IT experience.

Please contact us to explore how we can contribute to meeting your particular needs.

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