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Varied management, professional, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles in technology, services, business development, and content -- for B2B, B2C, and corporate IT infrastructure.

1992- Teleshuttle Corporation (concurrent with HealthScout/RxRemedy and UNET, below)
President and Founder

Consulting services in technology management, assessment and development, including full-time engagements and entrepreneurial ventures.   Operated in mid-1990s as the first independent source of software and operations services to enable any publisher or developer to provide CD-ROM/online combination products, based on innovative technology. 

1998- HealthSCOUT / RxRemedy
Managing Director, Operations and Technology, Chief Technology Officer

Built the technology platform and the support operation for, an innovative Web-based B2B2C health information service. Delivered Web services through syndicated affiliations with hundreds of Web sites, including CompuServe, Prodigy, Yahoo!, Earthlink, DrKoop, iVillage, Snap, iWon, USA Today, Knight-Ridder, Scripps, Phys, BeWell (HealthGate), Physicians Online, and corporate clients, including Harvard Pilgrim and the US Government. Staff 25+, budget $5+ million. (Company background)

1992-1994 UNET, Inc.
EVP and Co-Founder

Established an innovative business to develop and operate private-branded online services in joint ventures with major magazines that pioneered features for publisher-controlled look-and-feel.

1990-1992 BASELINE Information for the Entertainment Industry
General Manager, Consumer Services

Managed all aspects of a pioneering consumer interactive services business.

Director, Product Development

Managed development and operations for online news / data services for the film and TV industries.

1988-1990 McGraw-Hill / Standard and Poor's
Director, Computers and Communications

Provided computer and communications services to produce information products valued at $70 million and deliver them online in real-time. Staff 45, budget $7 million.

1974-1988 Mobil Corporation
Manager, Network Management

Established a worldwide network management organization and centralized support of the corporate SNA data network—linking 18 mainframe computer centers and 25,000 terminals on four continents.

Manager, Headquarters Operations

Provided computer, communications, and office systems services to 3000 users. Budget $12 million.

Manager, Computer Services Planning and Control

Directed planning and administration for the corporate worldwide computer utility center. Services included MVS, TSO, IMS, CICS, VM/CMS, and DEC-20. Budget $30 million.

Supervisor, Computer Technology Evaluation

Provided strategic guidance and approved major hardware and software acquisitions, worldwide.

1968-1974 AT&T / Western Electric Company (now Lucent Technologies)

Corporate Systems Management - Coordinating multiple computer centers.

Lehigh University Fellowship Program - Company-sponsored master's degree and research.

Database Management System Development - Design and programming lead.

Finalist for Multi-Media Entrepreneur of 1995 award from the Silicon Alley Initiative. Articles in trade and professional journals. Frequently address trade, professional, academic groups. MIT Enterprise Forum: Executive Board. ACM National Lecturer.

Lehigh University
- M. S. in Operations Research / Industrial Engineering 1972
Brown University - A. B. in Applied Mathematics 1968

Contact Information

Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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