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We can contribute in roles ranging from leadership or participation in your team, to short, discrete projects. An ongoing part-time involvement can supplement in-house skills.

E-business Opportunities and Challenges

Electronic connectivity is transforming businesses and the very nature of business. Internet, intranet and extranet services are bringing the deepest and fastest process change in organizational history. Exploiting this requires ongoing re-alignment of corporate and marketing objectives in congruence with the supporting IT and business operations functions. Companies are beginning to apply Web publishing, electronic commerce, messaging, and groupware to multiple communities of customers, partners, and internal staff. Public Web sites, intranets, and extranets are evolving and integrating. Enterprises that fail as early exploiters or quick followers of these revolutionary enabling technologies risk being blind-sided by more imaginative and nimble competitors.

Opportunities include quantum improvements in:

Challenges: To identify and address these dynamic opportunities takes a multidisciplinary approach that combines vision with pragmatism -- to assess options, set sound priorities, and ensure effective execution. It requires people who appreciate the new medium and its evolution, as well as the realities of business operations and technical support -- look inside and outside the enterprise -- and apply strong project management and consensus building skills.

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Further background on some of our areas of focus:

And a perpective on our breadth of vision:  Connective Media  +  Information Technology

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