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Internet-based communications media will radically transform the process of customer-vendor dialog over the next decade.

These new approaches promise to enhance customer relationships while reducing support costs.

Companies who fail as early exploiters or quick followers will lose to more responsive competitors.

The needs

Customer dialog is an ongoing collaboration best aided by a combination of media channels. New media will not replace old media, nor will all communications be fully digital any time soon.

Exploiting these evolving opportunities takes a multidisciplinary team that combines vision with pragmatism -- to assess the options, set sound priorities, and gracefully transform a critical, ongoing process. It requires people who appreciate the new media, as well as the realities of business operations and support -- who can build new communications media that work alongside and in concert with existing media -- and who can apply strong project management and consensus building skills.

Our services

We can contribute in roles ranging from full-time leadership or participation in your team, to short, discrete projects. Tasks in which we can contribute or lead include:

What we bring

Please contact us to explore how we can contribute to meeting your particular needs.

Contact Information

Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
799 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
(212)-673-0225 fax: (212)-673-0226

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