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Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director, Operations and Technology
HealthScout / Rx Remedy   1998 - 2000

Recently served for two years as CTO and Managing Director, Operations and Technology for HealthSCOUT / RxRemedy, an innovative and fast-growing Web-based B2B2C health information service. Built technology platform and support operation and delivered Web services through syndicated co-brand affiliations with hundreds of Web sites, including CompuServe, Prodigy, Yahoo!, Earthlink, Dr. Koop, iVillage, Snap, iWon, USA Today, Knight-Ridder, Scripps, Phys (Conde-Nast), BeWell (HealthGate), Physicians Online, and corporate clients, including Harvard Pilgrim and the US Government, managing a staff of 25+ and budget of $5+ million.

Internet Service Provider - Marketing and Support
AppliedTheory Communications 1996 - 98

Developed strategy and marketing materials for Web-legacy/database system integration services. Wrote articles and white papers on electronic commerce, Internet service/technology directions, Internet 2, and Web-database integration. Prepared CEO vision speeches. Edited guides on development of Web sites using CGI, Java, electronic commerce, and video/animation.

Marketing Communications Projects
Various clients 1997 -98

For Hyperion Software: white paper on remote site and thin client support options, including Web and Citrix WinFrame. For Earthweb: positioning and awareness campaigns for chat software. For Total Network Solutions: presentation on network consulting services. For GHB Marketing Communications: strategy development for key accounts. Ghost-wrote series of trade magazine columns on marketing for Internet companies.

Intranet Strategy and Pilot Project
Dunkin' Donuts (via ad agency Messner Vetere) 1996 - 1997

Surveyed internal communications needs, and proposed intranet-based solutions. Developed strategy for limited intranet pilot in key marketing project groups at field offices, working with Marketing and IT. Architected and built functional prototype with publishing, collaboration, and database access (using FrontPage), and coordinated graphic design enhancements by ad agency's interactive group.

Consumer Online Service - Design and Development
TV Guide / News Corp. 1992 - 1994

Co-founded joint venture with News Corp. to develop and operate TV Guide Online service. Managed development after buyout by News Corp. Directed user and server software development and coordinated with TV Guide editors and graphics contractors. Obtained listing database feeds from TV Guide operations. Conducted user beta tests with excellent results. Liaised with Delphi on migration (later launched on Web via News Corp./MCI joint venture).

News Search Service - Functional Specifications
Dow Jones / Telerate 1993

Defined functional specifications for a news search service to 40,000 trader terminals. Specified maintenance of database from a DowVision feed, full-text search functions, user interface, and performance/capacity needs for over 100,000 searches per day. Performed queuing analysis justifying system-wide upgrade of Telerate network capacity.

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