Enhanced CD MusicShuttle Online Service

Note: Teleshuttle's proprietary software and online operations services are no longer marketed.
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The information shown dates from 1996 or earlier, and remains relevant to the history of CD/online/Web hybrid technology.


Leveraging Enhanced CD with The Web

The MusicShuttle Online Solution

If you are producing Enhanced CDs, and have a Web site or other source of current promotional content, then Teleshuttle's MusicShuttle is the easy way to expand your reach.

The MusicShuttle service consists of:

This enables CD buyers to access your Webpak information without ever needing an Internet subscription.

The user views the local content as if he were connected at very high speed to the selected subset of the Web. Periodic updates are triggered by a special "Get Update Now" hyperlink.

Users pay only for the cost of a short call to our server in NYC. No $10-20 per month subscription, and no credit card entry to stop them in their tracks. Communications costs remain very low, because the call is just long enough to retrieve the latest Webpak, and then automatically disconnects. Unlike conventional Web access, the meter does not run while users browse.

The Webpaks can consist of any selection of pages and related images, sounds, and videos from your Web site, or from other sites. Data or files in formats other than HTML (such as Acrobat, Java, and Shockwave) can also be included.

Low Cost, Turnkey Service

Complete MusicShuttle packages start at a special introductory rate of $9,750 per year. This rate includes capacity for 10-30,000 calls per month, with fees for additional call capacity as low as $0.02 per minute. Typical update calls take as little as one minute. (Additional fees may apply for frequent content changes or large content volumes.)

Teleshuttle takes care of the bundling of your Web content (or other suitable material) into Webpaks, and provides a complete MusicShuttle module, customized with your content and ready to simply drop onto any type of Enhanced CD. Windows 3.1/95 versions are available now, Mac is due in early 1996. (Options for 800 number or fee-based service, or for your own in-house operation are also available.)

Teleshuttle is the leading independent supplier of CD / online solutions, with technology that has been proven in standard CD-ROM products, such as the Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies & Videos.