Teleshuttle "Drop-in" Utility Transporter
Free "Placeholder"

Note: Teleshuttle's proprietary software and online operations services are no longer marketed.
Please view the consulting information on the Teleshuttle home page.
The information shown dates from 1996 or earlier, and remains relevant to the history of CD/online/Web hybrid technology.

Low-cost, No-Hassle Online Solutions

Teleshuttle now offers a low-cost, pre-packaged Utility Transporter, the ultimate in easy local/online hybrid solutions - easy for the user and easy for the publisher/developer.

Free placeholder packages make your product Teleshuttle-ready with essentially zero planning or cost.

Low-cost drop-in packages provide an open-ended online capability, with a minimum of planning and cost.

Both packages offer full "bootstrap" capability: users can easily receive new information packages by modem or Internet with any kind of information you decide to provide, including new programs that offer new functions - even information and functions you have not yet thought of.

These packages are based on a simple, self-contained, pre-packaged Teleshuttle Utility Transporter which can be simply dropped onto any disk or CD-ROM, without any programmed connection to the other contents. The Utility Transporter provides an Update button that causes it to automatically check online for any new materials available, retrieve them to the user's hard disk, and disconnect. These can be data, documents, images or multimedia in any format, or complete programs or program updates. They can even be new, more powerful, customized and seamlessly integrated Teleshuttle applications, based on direct use of the Teleshuttle Transporter API. Viewers or other applications to use these new materials may already have been pre-positioned on the CD or disk (or be owned by users), or they may be provided later via Teleshuttle. Content is limited only by file sizes and associated transmission time/cost constraints.

Use it for marketing promotions and news bulletins, as well as updates and extensions to product content or function. Use it to offer direct-dial access to your Web pages for the many modem-equipped consumers who lack Internet access.

The Drop-in is a based on our premier offering, the Teleshuttle Transporter API. The API provides a simple but powerful Applications Program Interface, which gives developers unlimited flexibility to integrate Teleshuttle function seamlessly into any application, using any desired user interface.

Will you be sending CD-ROM or disk-based products to large numbers of users? Can you afford to ship that product without an online capability on board? Will you send out messages in bottles, with no good way to reach your customers. Now you have attractive options for seizing the opportunity to pre-position communications on their disc, before its too late.

Teleshuttle Utility Transporter Drop-in package

The standard "hot start" option provides full use of the Teleshuttle Utility Transporter service. This gives a basic user interface which enables the user to see what materials have already been received and what further items are scheduled. By simply clicking the Update button an automatic fetch of all new materials is triggered (this includes promotional messages and an updated schedule of future items).

Standard Teleshuttle Utility Transporter service may be obtained with full operational service from Teleshuttle (with or without end-user support services), or the software may be licensed for use with an in-house server.

Placeholder Service options may be upgraded to full service (either served by Teleshuttle or operated in-house) at any time.

Internet-capable versions of the Utility Transporter will be available later in 1995, with comparable pricing structures to be specified.

"Warm start" Placeholder Package

This "warm-start" option provides a fully functioning Teleshuttle Utility Transporter service, which enables regular communication to your users, even before you decide what further use to make of it. Limited messaging service is provided at very low cost, and is easily upgraded to full service at any time

Free Placeholder Package

This "cold-start" option makes your product fully Teleshuttle-ready, as shipped, by including all necessary Utility Transporter software on the disk or CD. However, it does not turn on the server support until you decide to do so. You just have to tell your users to use it when you are ready.

WebShuttle Service

Special content management services are available for repackaging of standard HTML Web pages to enable direct-dial access to Web content via Teleshuttle. By distributing the Teleshuttle Utility Transporter along with a standard Web browser, users without Internet access can be given easy access to the same materials as your Web surfers. "WebShuttle" Service brings public mass transit to the Web.