Teleshuttle Corporation Backgrounder [not current]

Note: Teleshuttle's proprietary software and online operations services are no longer marketed.
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The information shown dates from 1996 or earlier, and remains relevant to the history of CD/online/Web hybrid technology.

Teleshuttle(tm) was conceived as a simplified approach to online services. Teleshuttle Corporation was founded in 1994 to provide software and services to make it easy for any publisher to offer simple, flexible, and economical online delivery. It became the first independent provider of such technology, and continues to lead the field, having aroused strong interest from a broad spectrum of publishers and marketers. The first widely distributed product to embed Teleshuttle technology is the Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies and Videos CD-ROM, shipped in June, 1995 by Creative Multimedia. The company's principals bring extensive prior experience in information products and services, particularly in building and supporting large online networks. The company was known until December 1994 as Dynashuttle Corporation.

Teleshuttle packages software plus services as a component that publishers can embed into a wide variety of information, entertainment, and merchandising CDs (or diskettes) to provide simple and seamless data transport. Options for either direct-dial or Internet links permit access by any modem-equipped user. This enables a new, simplified technical and business approach to data delivery, and opens up a whole new realm of network-enabled products, years ahead of the "Information Superhighway." It also offers a powerful complement to the Web.

The Teleshuttle Service features a combination of Teleshuttle's packaged software module with Teleshuttle's own complete communications operations and support outsourcing service, to put this new delivery vehicle within reach of any publisher of information products. Teleshuttle is unique in this, and a patent application has been filed. This technology and the associated client and server software are also offered for license to those who wish to provide these services in-house. Custom variants can also be provided.

Teleshuttle Corporation specializes in transport software and services. It does not intend to offer content, or presentation or database software. Its strategy is to grow by capitalizing on its core expertise, to make its services widely available to produce synergy with all of those who have complementary assets. A plug-in interface for Folio VIEWS software is available, and relationships with other text and multimedia-oriented authoring package providers are in development.

President and founder Richard Reisman has over 20 years experience in interactive, networked, multimedia applications and technologies. As co-founder of UNET, he developed TV Guide Online (to consumer beta test) in a joint venture with News Corp., and in cooperation with Delphi Internet Services. UNET pioneered the concept of branded online services affiliated with major print media, with publisher-controlled look-and-feel.

Previously at Baseline, Reisman developed online information offerings to the film industry, set up gateway access to American Airlinesí Eaasy Sabre, developed CD-ROM products, and started up information provider operations through Mead/Nexis and Bloomberg. Earlier, he directed computer services and electronic delivery operations for Standard and Poorís / McGraw-Hill, managing the distribution of real-time financial information to 50,000 customer workstations for S&P MarketScope, The Blue List, and Credit Wire. His prior background was in technology planning, development, and operations management for Mobil Corp. and AT&T/Western Electric.

Other principals and staff have similarly extensive experience in developing and managing major electronic information services for organizations like Dow Jones and McGraw-Hill. The company's network experience is global, and includes standard and 900 dial-up, conventional and broadcast X.25 packet networks, Internet-TCP/IP, local and wide-area ethernet, IBM-SNA, and packet radio and FM subchannel broadcast.