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Teleshuttle works as an innovation studio researching / developing / commercializing its innovations in collaboration with strategic partners.


Teleshuttle's current work is primarily pro-bono, with focus on FairPay.

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FairPay - Beyond Freemium
How to Really Exploit The New World of Networked Commerce

  • FairPay is a simple, but fundamental, rethinking of how businesses and consumers conduct business with one another.

  • Set prices made sense for 20th Century mass retail, but not for infinitely reproducible digital offerings in a personalized, networked world.

  • FairPay can be applied to digital content (journalism, music, TV/video, e-books), software and/or services (as well as physical products) in a wide variety of ways.

  • FairPay re-envisions elements of freemium, paywalls, dynamic pricing, value/performance-based pricing, pay what you want, subscriptions, and loyalty programs, to provide a strong and sustainable customer revenue stream. FairPay solves the nasty problems of pricing digital products and other experience goods -- and does that in a way that assures customer buy-in.

  • FairPay can delight consumers -- and sellers.  It makes efficient value-based pricing work for consumers -- and for the businesses that serve them.

  • Reisman is working on a pro-bono basis with business and academic partners on research, trials, and applications of FairPay, and offers free consultation.

Other recent/continuing projects:

CoTV - linking Web browsing and mobile devices to TV viewing (sold)
– empower users with cross-screen integration of phones/tablets and TVs.

  • CoTV offers rich multi-machine UI features such as screen-shifting (much like Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast).
  • CoTV exploits the fact that many users now watch TV on a large screen, while multitasking on a "companion" device (tablet, phone, or laptop).
  • CoTV patents also address broader and more advanced services that are emerging, including multi-machine UIs for integrating phones with smart watches and with autos.
  • Fifteen Reisman CoTV patents have issued, and additional patents are pending on a wide range of advanced services. These patents were licensed in 2015 through RPX Corporation to many major companies in the TV/video and smartphone space.

Search and the Social Web and Semantic Web (sold)
improve search by applying user feedback and context.

  • Apply feedback on which items are selected by others and what task/domain the user seeks relevance to ("apple" for trees or computers or Beatles music).
  • Seven patents relating to search and the “Social Web” or "Social Search" and to search and the "Semantic Web"
  • This portfolio was sold in 2009 to RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator.

App stores, Internet push distribution, and software update (sold)
personalize and automate information distribution to smart devices.

  • This technology relates to many Internet push applications, such as app stores, content channels, offline browsing, RSS, electronic software distribution, and webcasting, as well as aspects of "smart-client" Web services, mashups, the mobile Web, and e-commerce.
  • The portfolio was licensed to BTG for commercialization, and BTG's licensing efforts led to patent infringement suits against Microsoft and Apple, ending in 2006, when BTG announced the sale of these patent rights for $35 million, plus a share of future profits. 
  • These nineteen patents are controlled by Intellectual Ventures, and Teleshuttle continues to assist in their development. In 2011, after licensing many companies, including most major smartphone vendors, Intellectual Ventures initiated a patent infringement suit against Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Other developments in such areas as "Big Data"/"The Internet of Things," Social Web collaboration, and digital media management are listed on the Patents page.



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