Tuesday September 1, 1998, 4:10 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: BTG International Inc.

BTG Expands Its Internet Technology Portfolio With the Acquisition Of a Fundamental Internet Push Distribution Technology

GULPH MILLS, Pa., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- BTG International Inc. (a subsidiary of BTG plc (LSE: BGC)), a leading international technology transfer company, announced today that it has acquired a patented technology relating to ``push'' and ``offline'' delivery of information over a network such as the Internet. This technology is relevant to many of today's Internet push applications, such as content channels, electronic software distribution and webcasting. BTG intends to license this technology in the areas of Internet push distribution, Web-CD/DVD, and other applications covered by the patent.

It is estimated that the information technology industry will generate more than $5.7 billion in push-related revenue by the year 2000, from less than $10 million in 1996 (The Yankee Group). This patent addresses the utilization of a flexible, easy-to-use transporter component that may be embedded into a wide variety of applications to automate and simplify the exchange of data between a user station and a remote server over the Internet or other network. Applications for the technology include Internet push delivery and data updating; offline browsing; software distribution and updating; remote data collection and transactions; and mobile and intermittent access.

Richard Reisman, President of Teleshuttle Corporation (New York, NY) and inventor of the technology commented, ``I am very pleased to partner with BTG, an industry leader that stands out as having the first-rate reputation and experience, and the breadth and depth of resources, to be most effective in commercializing our technology.''

Anthony V. Lando, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BTG International Inc. stated, ``The acquisition of this patent allows BTG to expand its presence in the Internet technology arena. We believe Teleshuttle's technology to be fundamental with respect to the area of `push' distribution over the Internet, and it has the potential to generate significant revenue for both Teleshuttle and BTG.''

BTG International Inc. (a subsidiary of BTG plc) is a global leader in patenting and marketing intellectual property rights (IPR) for technologies that shape the future. The company acquires, develops and licenses IPR in innovative products and processes in the fields of Electronics & Telecommunications, Biosciences and Medical & Physical Sciences. With its headquarters in London and offices in suburban Philadelphia and Tokyo, BTG capitalizes on a global network of contacts in companies, universities and research institutions to identify the most promising technologies and create the most advantageous licensing relationships. Since its founding in 1949, BTG has commercialized such major innovations as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Interferon, and wide-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotics. BTG plc is a public company whose stock trades on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol ``BGC''. For more information, please visit BTG's website, www.btgplc.com.

Richard Reisman, who is widely recognized for his work in the areas of new media and electronic commerce, founded Teleshuttle Corporation in 1994. Teleshuttle is the first independent provider of software and services that enable any publisher to link CD-ROMs to current online information. Teleshuttle's software was used in the highly rated Blockbuster Video(R) Guide to Movies & Videos to automatically download monthly updates. Teleshuttle now provides broad-range management consulting services for electronic business and Internet/intranet/extranet connectivity solutions, drawing on experience in both interactive media and corporate information technology and networks. Teleshuttle's website is located at www.teleshuttle.com.  

SOURCE: BTG International Inc.